Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jubli Perak: 6 Hours Before

These photos were taken about 6 hours before the function...

Just look at the transformation of the hall, from a plain and dull exam hall to a banquet???

I just love the paperbag... nice design, credits to En. Abdul Rahman Ibrahim

Puan Siti Zaleha

Encik Hasbullah - Director of KPTM Kota Bharu

Encik Islahuddin Kusran n Cik Zarinatun Ilyani

Pn Intan Noorazlina n Cik Yani checking out the preparation

The Peparis... not ikan pari ok.. hehe..

Well...they are actually the ushers - One who is responsible to escort people to their seats

Ghazal Band n Singers rehearsing

English people... hahaaaahaa.... (too lazy to write all the names)

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