Thursday, March 12, 2009

Latihan Simulasi Menyelamat Mangsa Kemalangan

In conjunction with Expo Keusahawanan KPTM Kuantan 2009, Kelab Pertahanan Awam of KPTM Kuantan will be organizing "Hari Aktiviti Pertahanan Awam" by doing a "Simulasi Menyelamat Mangsa Kemalangan" on 14th of Mac 2009.
So, earlier today we had our rehearsal for that program...

the accident victim on a strecther

another accident victim

happy faces of the victims.. huh??

yet another.. hehe

ermm... dunno what are they doing..

head injury

he got thrown off the car, maybe?

still cannot be lifted from the ground..

discussing on who got to tow the car??? ala2 tokey trak tunda kan.. hehe...

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