Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Graduan Diploma in Human Resource KPTM Kini Pegawai Transit MRT

Berikut ialah laporan dari Malay Mail
Zharif operates manually an MRT train as Kota Damansara station manager Ibrahim Abd Razak, 34, looks on. — Picture by Ahmad Zamzahuri

Acid test for new transit officer


KUALA LUMPUR, July 16 — JUST a week shy into the job as a Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) transit officer, 27-year-old Muhammad Zharif Zulkarnain was faced with an emergency.
Zharif, who resides in Lembah Keramat with his family, said he had just completed his training as a transit operator when a train heading towards the Sungai Buloh station stopped abruptly.
“I was sweating nervously and was scared at the time as I did not expect to be dealing with an emergency situation right when I started as a transit officer,” he said.
“Thankfully, I was able to manage the situation with the help of the personnel from the Operations Control Centre,” he said when met at the MRT Pusat Bandar Damansara station.
Recalling the incident, Zharif said the train that was heading from the north had 
stopped suddenly due to a technical glitch, while he was on standby at the Sungai Buloh station.
He said he had to board another train that was carrying passengers and manually manoeuvre the train so he could climb on board the stranded train.
“I had to hop into the train and await orders to do a manual override for it to reach the depot in Sungai Buloh.
“I then hopped back to the other train and continued on the journey,” he said.
Prior to being a transit officer, Zharif worked with Prasarana on station operations.
A human resource diploma holder from Kolej Poly-tech Mara, Zharif became a transit officer in July after undergoing three months training and taking a train manual driving test for 40 hours.
“Times are hard and it was difficult to find a job in the human resource field. I saw an opportunity when Prasarana conducted an open interview.
“I have come to enjoy the job and would like to see myself progress since the MRT has been designed for the next 65 years. The future here is bright,” he said.
Zharif said among the courses he had to undergo were knowing the station and system operations, customer service, as well as the procedure when dealing with emergencies.
He works on two shifts — 5.15am to 3.15pm and 2.30am to 12.30am — on a rotation basis of four-working days with two days off.
He begins his day with a briefing by the station manager before boarding the train to stand by or would station himself at one of the stations to help on-the-ground staff with customer service.
“The job is fun and the team is very close. It is a close knit family.
“I hope that I can progress and someday perhaps join the OCC team,” he said.

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